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Critical Illness with Return of Premium

Stay protected from 3 Critical Illnesses for 10 years with life coverage.

We always care about our health to protect us from diseases. The longer the modern medical care allows us to live, the harder the financial burden becomes. BIDV MetLife’s Critical Illness with Return of Premium gives you protection from 3 critical illnesses for 10 years with return of premium. In the best scenario you will get 105% return of your paid premiums. BIDV MetLife brings you and your family the financial security for a peaceful life.

Product Overview

Entry age

18 - 55 years old (according to the last birthday)

Term of policy

5 years or 10 years

Annualized premium equivalent

VND 5 million

Premium payment period

Annual/ Semi-annual/ Quarterly/ Monthly

Insured Event Coverage Term of Policy
Diagnosis of one of the 3 critical illness as followed : life-threatening cancer,     first heart disease or stroke 100%of the sum Assured 5 years or 10 years
Death or total permanent disability of any cause 120% of the total standard premium 5 years or 10 years
Maturity- A 100% of the total standard premium 5 years
Maturity- B 105% of the total standard premium 10 years

The product information contained herein is for reference only and is not intended to be contractually or legally binding on BIDV MetLife. Please refer to the terms and conditions in our Product Code and Terms for full details. BIDV MetLife reserves the right to make the final decision on approval of any claim based on the Company’s underwriting criteria.