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Even when life is running smoothly, the unexpected can happen. Make sure you’re prepared with us as your genuine companion.

Don’t let illness take away everything you’ve worked so hard to build. A serious illness not only puts stress on your mental and emotional wellbeing, but can also be financially devastating for you and your family, even after you’ve recovered. Therefore, it makes sense to cover yourself financially if illness means you can’t work for some time. Get the confidence to enjoy life without the worry of what might happen if you’re injured or need to spend time in hospital with BIDV MetLife’s protection solutions.

Basic Protection

Our Basic Protection Solution is designed to broaden the protection coverage for each individual with essential benefits. 

Advanced Protection

Our Advanced Protection Solution is designed to strengthen the protection coverage for each individual with superior and unique benefits.


CI ROP can help ensure you get the treatment you need to cover from critical illnesses and get back on track more quickly as your health improves.