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Your employees are the heart of your business. Therefore, it makes sense to nurture and support them to be their best. Part of that is ensuring that they have a safety net in place when things go wrong, with quality life insurance they can count on.

At BIDV MetLife, we believe we all have a protective instinct that natural urge to keep the people that we value most protected.

As an employer, providing life insurance to your people is a good way to help you attract and retain staff, while helping them fulfill their need to protect what matters most.

Whether you are a small business or a large organization, you can protect the people who help your business succeed.

Protection Solutions

Our protection solutions for employees not only keep an enterprise’s businesses secure but also give its people financial security in the face of an illness or accident. 

Investment Solutions

Our investment solutions demonstrate enterprises’ care and concern by optimizing the return on investment from corporate employee benefits.