By sharing their dreams with BIDV MetLife, parents win an EduCare policy giving their children a solid foundation for a brighter future.

BIDV MetLife, a joint venture between Vietnam’s leading bank, BIDV, and global leading life insurer, MetLife, today announced the 10 winners for its social video contest "My Dad’s Story: Dream for My Child.

In February 2015, BIDV MetLife launched an emotional video clip called , "My Dad’s Story: Dream for my Child" which told a heartwarming story about the sacrifices a father makes for his child’s future. BIDV MetLife developed the video clip because the company recognized the needs and aspirations of Vietnamese parents to give their children a brighter future, as well as the sacrifices they make to ensure that their children receive a strong educational foundation in their early years. The social media clip is part of MetLife Asia’s broader regional launch campaign for EduCare, which had its inaugural launch in Vietnam and is also launching across seven other markets across Asia.

The video has touched people all over the region, engaging over 300 million people:

  • 27.6 million people viewed the video on Facebook and YouTube
  • 7 million people shared the video with their friends and family
  • 268 million people have read about the video through 91 news reports
  • 280,000 people visited BIDV MetLife and MetLife microsites in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam

Together with the introduction of the video clip, BIDV MetLife conducted the “Dream for my Child” contest in which parents were invited to submit online their own stories and dreams for their children. The contest ran from 27th Feb to 27th April 2015. Ten winners were selected from the numerous entries and were awarded 10 Gia An Toan My (EduCare) policies with total premium up to VND 250 million for their children.

During the two months of the contest, BIDV MetLife received nearly 1,000 “dreams” submitted by parents. The heartfelt stories written by parents, primarily focused on their children’s well-being, and emphasized the importance they felt of giving their children a good education in order for them to have a brighter future.

Some touching examples of the “dreams” submissions included Mr. XXXX, a winner of the contest wrote, Your grandfather had a very hard time as a farmer. I, myself, had to give up my personal dream to become an agriculture expert. I wish for you to continue my dream and complete your study in agriculture as young people are now abandoning villages to find jobs in the cities”. The contest also highlighted the determination of parents to express their dreams for their children, overcoming obstacles such as lack of internet access in some cases. One entry from a sister whose younger brother lost his right hand in an accident read, “You are in grade 5th at primary school, and on a day close to the Lunar New year, you helped mom to squeeze sugarcane from a machine. The machine cut off your right hand and you sadly became partly disabled. Mom is a poor working woman who doesn’t have access to internet to know about this contest. I helped her convey the message with the hope for a miracle to come to you.” Another touching message read, “Mother died, father left home, with only a little child left and staying with grandmother who is in her 70s. A 5-year old child can’t fully feel the point of living without both a mother and father. I hope you have a peaceful life.”

Apart from the basic desires for better living standards and good education, many other parents wished for their children to have the right set of life skills in order to be well prepared to take on life’s challenges, develop their full potential and achieve success. One mother stood out, Hoang Thu Thuy, when she wrote an open dream for her child, “There’s a saying that history belongs to those who dare to dream. I don’t have an infeasible dream of you changing or making history. I only wish that you can find a dream of your life and never stop dreaming to make a history of your own life. The dream can be as great as finding life in a new planet or simply living a life where you will never have regrets. Parents are still poor but will do everything to support your dream.”

Commenting on the winners, Dustin Ball, General Director of BIDV MetLife noted that, “BIDV MetLife deeply understands parents’ needs and wishes for their children. We are proud and deeply touched by the intimate and sincere stories and feelings that came out through this contest. We are delighted to have been able to create such an open platform for parents to express their dreams and we hope that together we make their dreams come true. With a Gia An Toan My (EduCare) policy as the prize, parents can start to build up an educational plan for their children. Besides, becoming a member of Gia An Toan My (EduCare) Club gives children opportunities for comprehensive intellectual and physical development by accessing educational development programs from Gia An Toan My (EduCare) Club’s distinguished partners. We strongly believe that a solid plan will bring smiles today, provide happiness for families tomorrow, and help families to pursue more from life.” For more information about winners of the contest, please access our website:

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